Zhaoshumei Protective Equipment to speed up construction in Xianning Economic Development Zone

source:咸宁政府网 2013-10-23 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING Oct. 23(www.xnnews.com.cn) reported by Huang Zhu Several workers on October 22 were doing wire-tie and laying formwork in the construction site of Zhaoshumei Protective Equipment Co., Ltd whose factory building framework has taken shape in Xianning Economic Development Zone.

  Huang Buquan (investor of the project) told the reporter that now 80% of the project has been completed, and the whole project will be completed at the end of this November.

  It’s reported that Huang Buquan, a native in Xianning, is doing business in Guangdong and returns home to build factory through investment promotion of municipal government. Zhaoshumei Protective Equipment Co., Ltd (covering an area of 40.7 mu) plans to construct with three stages and began construction last August.

  “The reason why I choose to invest in my hometown is that the investment environment in Xianning is good, and the municipal government of Xiannning gives me thoughtful kindness.” said Huang, Xianning Economic Development Zone strongly supports the project from the beginning to commencement of work and settles all procedures within a short time. The project also is an appointed project contacted by Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Xianning City whose director serves as “No.1 party secretary” of the party organization of the company.

  Now the project is speeding up construction, and Stage I project is expected to be put into operation next May.

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