Xianning Economic Development Zone to achieve “good start”

source:咸宁政府网 2014-02-20 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  XIANNING - The reporters on Wednesday learned that the major economic indicator of Xianning Economic Development Zone increased greatly in this January and enterprises’ production achieved “good start”.

  The data shows that in this January Xianning Economic Development Zone fulfilled total industrial output value of 800 million yuan, rising by 21% year-on-year; industrial added value of 216 million yuan, rising by 18% year-on-year; tax revenue of 190 million yuan, rising by 56.1% year-on-year.

  It’s reported that 42 large enterprises successively resumed production from the fifth day of the first lunar month and 90% enterprises were in production state on the tenth day of the first lunar month in Xianning Economic Development Zone. All enterprises began regular production after the Lantern Festival. Xianning CSG Glass Co., Ltd continued to produce during Spring Festival, and Red Bull, HOPEFULL, and other key enterprises basically began full production. By Zhou Yang and Luo Yao (www.xnnews.com.cn)

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