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Mayor Wang Yuanhe inspected population census work in urban Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-11-04 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Starting from midnight on November 1, household registration for the seventh national census was officially launched. Wang Yuanhe, deputy secretary and mayor accepted census registration, and inspected population census work in urban Xianning and expressed regards to the front-line census enumerators that day.

Wang was surveyed as a private citizen by the city's census taker at his residence on that morning. After the registration, Wang asked the census takers about the workload of the census and the training of census takers. He fully affirmed the conscientious and responsible attitude of the census takers and asked them to do a good job in all kinds of census registration.

After learned about household registration and data entry in Shiliutan community, Wenquan sub-district, Wang expressed regards to the front-line census workers and visited the residents of Zhongheng International Community to observe the household registration work of census.

Wang stressed that the seventh national population census is an important task and will provide important support for formulating national development strategies, improving population development policies and promoting high-quality development. We should intensify the publicity of the work of population census and encourage every citizen to respond to the call, actively fulfilling the duty of census and supporting the work of population census; strictly implement the census plan, conduct detailed household surveys and registration, strengthen data comparison, and improve census accuracy; give full play to the role of grassroots cadres, do a solid job in the population census work, and provide real and reliable data for the high-quality development in Xianning. (By Zhou Ronghua/Xianning Daily)

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