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Mayor Wang Yuanhe presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-11-05 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Wang Yuanhe, deputy secretary and mayor, on Tuesday presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government to convey the spirit of the provincial third quarter economic operation scheduling meeting,to analyze the city's economic operation in the third quarter, and to study and deploy economic work for the fourth quarter.

The meeting stressed that we should conscientiously carry out the provincial third quarter economic operation scheduling meeting and other meeting spirit to promote the completion of the city's economic and social development goals and tasks. We should carefully analyze the economic situation in the first three quarters of the year. Since this year, the city's economy has shown a steady recovery and continued to the trend of good, but we should keep a clear head to face the outstanding problems in the economic work. We must maintain a state of war to respond to risks and challenges. We must deal with the uncertainty of economic operation with the certainty of work and stay in a good state of mind to hedge against the pressure of the epidemic and the economic downturn. We will ensure that the three major goals are achieved, that is,completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects in Xianning, completing the 13th Five-Year Plan, and achieving poverty alleviation with high quality.

The meeting urged to pay attention to the implementation of all work.We should stabilize the project investment and economic development base; seize the opportunity to speed up the construction of the project and resolutely prevent funds to sleep on the accounts; consolidate the industrial economy and stabilize its development fundamentals; vigorously promote the stabilization of consumption and energize the market both online and offline; implement a package of policies at the central and provincial levels to speed up post-epidemic recovery; ensure the quality and efficiency of development, improve efficiency and guard against risks; fully implement policies and work hard to improve people's livelihood; fight the "three major battles" to achieve a complete victory; maintain overall social stability and resolve all kinds of conflicts. We should also actively plan next year's work and the "14th Five-Year Plan", make overall arrangements of all the work at the end of this year and the beginning of the next year, and pay attention to the autumn and winter agricultural development and project planning and other work.

The meeting stressed that the more difficult the more forward, so we must not bow in the face of war;because work style is more important than gold, while ability is more important than gold. We should boost the spirit and energy of high-quality development, go to the scene and the front line, face conflicts head-on, and strive to be a problem killer. We need to work fast on effective working hours, match standards with schedules, strengthen our strengths, improve weak links, and tackle difficult points to ensure that this year's economic and social development will produce good results.

The meeting reviewed the Work Guideline on Implementing the Civil Code in Administrative Law Enforcement Field, and listened to the report on implementing the spirit of the meeting to promote the transformation of old residential areas in cities and towns by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Hubei Province, implementing the mayor responsibility system for vegetable basket, and preparing reform plan for public institutions in the field of production and operation and the progress of the reform, and other matters were also studied. (By Zhou Ronghua/Xianning Daily)

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