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Reinforcing Futou Lake dyke

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-11-07 [ font size:Large Medium Small]


In recent days, Xian’an District has been taking good advantage of the dry season and fine weather to strengthen and eliminate the risks of Bazikou dyke of Futou Lake.

As the Xian’an district department of water conservation introduced that the Xian’an section of the dyke reinforcement project in Futou Lake valley reaches a total length of 3.845 kilometers, which is one of the 5 major lakes pollution control projects in Hubei Province. Its main construction tasks are to heighten and thicken the embankments, anti-seepage treatment on the dykes, and ecological bank protection of the embankment; what’s more, they will also newly build flood retaining walls and road surface restoration of the concrete on the embankment top.

The earthwork filling of this project has basically come to an end by now, and the parapet and revetment towards the water are being built now, the next step is to dismantle and rebuild the Bazikou sluice gate of Futou Lake. After the completion of this project, the flood control ability of Futou Lake and Xiliang Lake will be effectively improved, and the ecological environment of these 2 lakes will be ameliorated too.

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