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Dressing greenhouse in warm clothing

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-01-11 [ font size:Large Medium Small]


On Jan 3rd, more than 20 greenhouses of a dragon fruit base inside a fruit and vegetable garden in Xinjie Town, Jiayu County have been covered with 2 layers of greenhouse film.

The responsible person of the base said that influenced by the cold air, these days have seen an obvious rain and snow weather, with the temperature falling, therefore, to ensure that the dragon fruits can overwinter safely they have covered the inside of the greenhouses with a layer of nylon film to help them to withstand the bitter cold outside.

At present, the vegetable and fruit bases of this county have adopted the 2-layer method to dress the greenhouses in new “coats”, keeping the greenhouses warm as spring to make sure that the fruits and vegetables’ production and supply do not affected by the low temperature. [Photo by Chen Hongju/Xianning Daily]

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