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Welcoming the Spring Festival with cultural activities

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-01-14 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

In order to further strengthen the integration of culture and tourism, carry forward the excellent Chinese traditional culture, enrich people’s spiritual and cultural life on the festivals, and help win the battle against poverty, the first Hubei "Red Light Cavalry of Literature and Art" (Xian'an) "Our Chinese Dream"-the culture entering every family activity was held in Xiongjiawan, Hongkou Village, Tingsiqiao Town on January 12.The activities includes lifting the pig for Spring Festival, dancing with the little lotus boat, weaving bamboo baskets, frying dough twist, writing Spring Festival couplets, sending culture... This event, complete with "eating, drinking, playing, enjoying and shopping", shows the emerging new look of traditional culture, enhancing the Spring Festival atmosphere in Xian'an. 

In recent years, Xian'an District has persisted in cultural inheritance and innovation, strengthening cultural self-confidence and building the district with strong culture to actively promote the establishment of demonstration areas of the provincial-level public cultural service system.Xianan has continuously organized and carried out the activity of "Hubei" red light cavalry of literature and art culture entering every family, so as to promote the integration of culture and tourism, and increase people's sense of gain and happiness with high-quality culture and tourism supply.  [Photo by Wutao/Xianning Daily] 

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