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Xianning holds the 2018 “Quality Month” activity initiation ceremony

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-09-06 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Sep 5th, the initiation ceremony of the 2018 Xianning City “Quality Month” activity was held in the Yellow Crane Tower Wine Industry Co., Ltd.

The 2018 Xianning City “Quality Month” activity, which takes “carrying out the quality improvement and boosting the high-quality development” as the theme, aims to improve the public consciousness of quality, and create a good atmosphere in which everybody cares about quality; attaches importance to quality; pursues quality; creates and enjoys quality, in order to prompt the construction of strengthening the city with quality.

During the “Quality Month” activity, the Municipal Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau is about to launch 16 activities, for instance, “the activity of strengthening the city with quality in action”, the citizen satisfaction evaluation, the quality service activity of “you point it out and I’ll go check it”, and the observation on elevator inspection, all of which aim to further enhance the public awareness of quality, and create a good atmosphere of the quality development and the co-governance of quality.

In recent years, Xianning city has been constantly improving the qualities of products, projects, services, environment and administrative services around the objective of “strengthening the city with quality”, what’s more, it has obtained 20 China famous brands, 7 protected products of geographical indication, 6 agro-products of geographical indication, while it also registered 24 geographical indication trademarks, and gained 2 protected eco-origin products and 66 Hubei well-known trademarks. (By Wang Tian, Zhou Xianzhen and Wu Peng/Xianning Daily)

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