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Jan-July social financing scale of Xianning up 9.2 billion yuan

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-09-10 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

News came from the People’s Bank of China Xianning subbranch that the social financing scale has newly increased 9.2 billion yuan in total from January to July, which indicates that the finance support to the economic development has been further increased in Xianning.

Ever since this year, Xianning city has perfected the bank-enterprise docking mechanism, removed obstacles from the financial service channels, and sought to establish “ the financial green channel system”, setting up “enterprises database” via the big data platform, and employing the information collected by the pertinent government departments to lay a “green channel” for those enterprises which pay taxes, provide jobs, have much power consumption and hire poor households; what’s more, banks offer quick credit services according to the relevant customers information obtained regularly, which has effectively mitigated the problem of information asymmetry and improved the capability and efficiency of credit supply.

The hope and strength of Xianning city lie in the key projects, which are significant carriers that can absorb the credit funds of banks. So far, all the financial departments of Xianning city has moved forward actively with “the 3-year crucial action for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries” and “the overall development plan of strategic emerging industries”. Plus, it has intensified the credit supports to the traditional pillar industries, while also proactively develop and expand new industries, new business formats and new patterns, enhancing the supports to the strategic emerging industries, such as the intelligent mechatronics, bio-pharmaceutics, electronic information, advanced equipment manufacturing, and new energy vehicles, in order to speed up the upgrading of industries and nurture new economic growth poles. (By Rao Hongbin/Xianning Daily)

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