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Guangdong cultural relic exhibition in Xianning Museum opens free for citizens

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-09-11 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Sep 11th, “Wind from Guangzhou-Exported Art Works of Qing Dynasty Exhibition” co-hosted by the Guangdong Opium War Museum and the Xianning Municipal Bureau of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio and Television officially opens free for citizens in the Xianning Museum.

The exhibition shows more than 100 pieces (sets) of exported art works of Qing dynasty collected by Guangdong Opium War Museum, including porcelains, Guangdong embroidery, Guangdong sculpture, silver ware, fan and ricepaperplant pith painting, etc.

During the period from 1757 to 1842, right before “the Treaty of Nanking” was signed, the foreign businessmen were only allowed to engage in commercial activities in Guangdong province according to the regulations of Qing government, and Guangzhou city was the only trading port opened to the western countries. Businessmen from diverse countries came to Guangzhou and transported great amounts of art works full of oriental charm to their own countries. To meet the demands of the western visitors, those proficient Guangzhou craftsmen combined the local characteristics with western elements when designed exported products, which thus manifested a rare and valuable artistic style integrating Chinese and Western elements.

The Opium War Museum bases in Humen city ( it spans the mouth of the Pearl River, which is the only way for domestic and foreign merchant ships to get in and out of Guangzhou), and the pre-war Sino-Western trade is an indispensable part of the historical and cultural resources of this museum. The Opium War Museum has been collecting those cultural relics of overseas trade, while it has also done in-depth researches on them and yielded fruitful achievements. Not only are those 100 pieces (sets) of exported exhibits of Qing Dynasty precious witnesses of the Sino-Western exchanges and communications at that time, but also they are exquisite art works reflected the handicraft industry level of Qing Dynasty, boasting a rather high historical and aesthetic value.

This exhibition opens on Sep 11th and will be closed on Oct 12th, lasting for a month. (By Du Peiqing and Li Yuanjie/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)

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