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Xianning to celebrate the first Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-09-19 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The first “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” is about to be held on Sept 23rd, the autumn equinox of the lunar calendar, by the time Xianning city will host a series of activities to mark this festival.

China has made the autumn equinox of lunar calendar every year “the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” ever since this year, which is the first festival established for the Chinese farmers in the national level.

According to Xianning Municipal Agricultural Bureau, Xianning city will set up the main venue in the Eurya Honey Town, Fanshang Village, Jintang Town, Chongyang County, while the parallel venues will be established in Heshengqiao Town, Xian’an District, Shenshan Town, Chibi City, and Sizhuang Township, Tongcheng County, where the karaoke concert for farmers, Southern Hubei folk culture show, home-made dishes cooking contest, farmer’s square dance competition, fruits sharing day, fun sports meeting for peasants and other special activities will be held. What’s more, the issuance ceremony of the “Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival” commemorative stamps will be held in the opening ceremony.

As an official of the Municipal Agricultural Bureau introduced, launching the series of special activities as well as the farming culture show, such as the harvest celebration by the peasants all over Xianning, the harvest demonstration, public discussion about the harvest, sharing harvest with the public, and sales promotions on the e-commerce platform, all of which aim to share the happiness of the harvest with the whole society, and enrich the spiritual and cultural life of mass peasants, and render public cultural products with higher quality to the peasants, making the public to see the promising prospect of agriculture, to feel the attractiveness of the occupation as a famer, and to convince that the countryside is a beautiful promised land for enjoying a good and prosperous life, so as to propel the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy of Xianning city. (By Jiang Mingzhu and Zhu Bin/Xianning Daily)

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