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Xianning tourism market prospers in Mid-Autumn Festival holiday

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-09-25 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Xianning city has received a total of 1.361 million tourists at home and abroad during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, with a year-on-year increase of 13.5%, achieving a gross tourism revenue of 764 million yuan, which has saw a rise of 14.3% compared to that of last year, according to the statistics by Xianning Municipal Tourism Committee on Sept 24th.

On the first day of the holiday, the 10th Hubei (Xianning) International Hot Spring Cultural Tourism Festival and the 2018 “City of Osmanthus Fragrans and Hot Spring-Cozy Xianning” Tourism Products Promotion Meeting kicked off solemnly in the Huguang Xuqu square in East Lake greenway in Wuhan, which mainly put forward 7 tour routes, having attracted large amounts of self-driving tourists from Wuhan and other nearby cities to visit Xianning in Mid-Autumn Festival.

Major scenic spots, including the Chibi Ancient Battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, Jiugong Mountain and Yinshui Cave remained popular among tourists, all of which were teemed with people during this holiday. What’s more, Xianning city is still the best option for people to enjoy the osmanthus fragrans and take a hot spring bath, which can relax both their bodies and minds. In the holiday, hot spring scenic spots in Xianning city have already entered the peak season of taking hot spring baths of health maintenance in this autumn.

A whole raft of new tourism projects have come into service, which ignited the fresh hotspot of the Mid-Autumn holiday, for example, the 9D Glass Bridge, High-Altitude Paraglider, Karting, Dinosaurs Valley and Bumper Car projects in Eurya Honey Town, Chongyang County have captured lots of young people, parents and their children to go for sightseeing, in the meantime, “Eurya Honey Town” has become the new top search of tourism. A batch of newly opened scenic spots has received many tourists from neighboring cities, including the Yellow Crane Forest Good Wine Town, Zishanhu Aerospace Technology Museum, and Jiayu Golden Years Health Maintenance Valley.

Every county, city and district has launched tourism activities in various forms well combined with their local characteristics, which has yielded ideal effect. Especially, “Green Field, Bumper Harvest” the First Xianning Farmers’ Harvest Festival and the “Mid-Autumn Festival with Children’s Flavor in Cool Breeze, the Han Clothing Garden Party with Sharing Joy” activity held in Chongyang county has attracted thousands of tourists who are interested in parent-child trip, recreational rural tour, and the Han Clothing culture. (By Zhu Zhe and Wan Kewen/Xianning Daily)

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