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Chen He’an family titled “the most beautiful family of Hubei”

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-09-27 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Sept 25th, the result of “the selection of 2018 the most beautiful family of Hubei” has been unveiled, and 30 families won this honor, including Chen He’an family from Xianning.

The activity of finding “the most beautiful family of Hubei” is co-organized  by the Propaganda Department of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee, Hubei Provincial Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction and Hubei Provincial Women’s Federation, which aims to proactively nurture and act upon the socialist core values, and serve as a facilitator to form a socialist family civilization new trend of co-construction and sharing, which advocate that one must love his own country, his own family, love each other and move forward in a positive way.

Chen He’an is an ordinary volunteer from the Volunteers’ Federation Service Team of Chibi Volunteers Association, who has claimed the honorary titles of one of “the top 10 people who moved Xianning”, “Role Model of Southern Hubei”, “Good People of Hubei”, and “the Pacemaker of Learning from Lei Feng in Hubei Province”. For years, she has motivated her whole family to devote themselves in the volunteer’s work, and to energetically participate in the philanthropic activities, helping others and attending to the sick kids as if she were their natural mother.

Apart from that, the Wang Guiming family, Hu Kui family and Xu Zuqi family have also been nominated for the honorary title of “the most beautiful family of Hubei in 2018”. (By Wu Qingpeng and Pang Yun/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)

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