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Xianning holds meeting to promote 2018 “Xianning marathon” and “ultra-marathon”

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-09-28 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Xianning city on Thursday held the preparation work promotion meeting of the 2018 “Xianning marathon” and “ultra-marathon”.

The 2018 Circum-Zishan Lake International Extreme Challenge Competition and the 2018 Xianning International Hot Spring Marathon Competition are major activities of the 10th International Hot Spring Cultural Tourism Festival, which will be held in Wenquan district on Oct 26th and Nov 11th respectively. In addition to that, “Xianning marathon” will try to be upgraded to be a “silver medal” race event from a “bronze medal” event last year, and it will be live broadcasted by the Hubei TV Station for the whole time; “ultra-marathon” wields a much more enormous influence, because more than 100 top international athletes will take part in the competition, and it will be live broadcasted by CCTV for 2 hours.

So far, 1241 people have applied to full-marathon event of the “Xianning marathon”, and 2693 people for the semi-marathon, all of which have exceeded the number of applicants year on year; in the mean time, 110 top athletes from more than 20 countries have applied to join in the “ultra-marathon”, and 140 domestic players also submitted application for it.

This meeting urged to make the working scheme more concrete and detailed, and immediately allocate the work task to their responsible people accordingly; to grasp the key of the work, and get the hang of the essential part and crucial link of the work; to enhance coordination in work, establish the joint conference system, in order to timely address the problems and difficulties that are likely to emerge during the preparation work. (By Zhen Qiang and Li Bibo/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)

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