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Xianning Traffic Police Department Issues transportation safety tips during the National Day

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-09-30 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Sept 27th, Xianning traffic police department issued safety notices about the time periods, road sections that people are most likely to be caught in traffic congestions, dangerous road sections and other transportation safety tips.

It is estimated that the traffic peak for travelling and returning will be the afternoon of Sept 30th, Oct 1st and the afternoon of Oct 7th, thus it is advised that citizens should avoid these time periods and choose the morning and afternoon to go out flexibly. Besides, if needs be, citizens should choose to go the National and Provincial Highways that are parallel to the super highway. What's more, traffic jams are likely to occur in these areas due to large flows of people and vehicles, including the roads for going into and out of city, peripheral roads of the bus and train stations, service areas of the expressways, road sections surrounding the scenic spots and scenic areas, and road sections with a lot of markets in the downtown area.

Plus, the road sections: Guanbu-Tingsi road section of the G107 National Highway, Heshengqiao-Mengqiao road section of the G107 National Highway, St. Maqiao road section of the S208 Provincial Highway, 1341KM+200 meters-1356KM road section  of the 107 National Highway, 1356KM -1360KM road section of the 107 National Highway, 1382KM +  500 meters-1403KM+700 meters road section of 107 National Highway, Tongshan Petroleum Co.,Ltd. –old cinema road section, are under constructions, hence the citizens are supposed to make a detour and ensure safety in driving.

Traffic police departments remind that citizens should avoid travelling in the first day and the last day of this long holiday, and roads like the usually congested ones, roads under constructions, roads in commercial areas and near the stations are better not to take. In the meantime, drivers are supposed to courteously yield right of way and not to cut in front of each other. 

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