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Xianning city becomes a prior choice for National Day holiday travel

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-10-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Oct 7th, as the statistics of Xianning Municipal Tourism Commission showed that Xianning city has received 3.0314 million tourists both at home and aboard over the 7-day “Oct 1st” National Day holiday, a year-on-year increase of 13.7 percent, attaining comprehensive tourism revenue of 1.685 billion yuan, up 13.9 percent compared to that of last year.

Ever since this year, Xianning city has made concerted efforts to build a node city in the core area of Yangtze River international golden tourism belt and spared no effort to nurture new business format, new products and new highlights for the big development of tourism, while it has also developed many different classic travel routes, constantly igniting the hot spots of Xianning tourism.

With the 10th Hubei (Xianning) International Cultural Tourism Festival and 2018 “Fragrant City of Hot Springs, Cozy Xianning” Tourism Products Promotion Activity (Wuhan) being held successfully, Xianning city has come up with a terrific topic, which is about choosing most ideal travel destinations for the National Day holiday, showcasing the tourism city brand characteristics of “Fragrant City of Hot Springs, Cozy Xianning”.

On Oct 1st, the collective promotion activity of 12 newly-built scenic spots of Xianning and the opening ceremony of Zishan Lake Squirrel Tribe was held in Zishan Lake New Town. The amount of scenic spots in Xianning city has risen from over 30 to more than 40. In the meantime, the layouts of scenic spots have turned out to be more reasonable and scientific, with the cluster effect of tourism becoming more and more prominent. Over the National Day holiday, the newly-opened scenic spots in Xianning have received more than 1 million tourists in aggregate. Specifically speaking, Chongyang Eurya Honey Town has received a total of 166 thousand people; Chibi Tetris Town 64 thousand tourists in gross; Zishan Lake Squirrel Tribe around 85 thousand tourists, and Zishan Lake Rose Garden about 25 thousand people in total.

During the National Day holiday, major brand scenic spots in Xianning, for instance, “1 city with 12 hot springs”, Chibi ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, Jiugong Mountain and Yinshui Cave have witnessed a continuous surge of tourist amount. Moreover, mainly monitored scenic spots in Xianning, including the Chibi ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, Jiugong Mountain and Yinshui Cave, have an increase of 13%, 12.3%, 14.6% year on year in tourist number respectively.

The large visitors flow markedly drove the development of the industries, like transportation, accommodation and catering, etc, and the “tourism plus” effect works prominently. The agritainment economy nearby enjoyed a boom in development relying on the radiation and driving effect of a batch of key scenic areas, like Chibi ancient battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, Yinshui Cave and hot springs in Xianning.

Through service with a smile, standardized guidance, emergency handling, duty system and other methods, Xianning city has strengthened its service and administration levels during the holiday. Apart from that, key scenic areas have organized civilized tourism service groups and tourism service volunteers service points, which has created a strong atmosphere of civilized tourism, becoming a new fad of travelling for now. (By Zhu Zhe, Song Wenhu and Wan Kewen/Xianning Daily)

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