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Wuhan-Xianning intercity railway sees a spurt of passenger flow over the National Day

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-10-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

During the National Day holiday, Xianning’s railways, highways and waterways all have seen a traffic peak, among which the Wuhan-Xianning intercity railway has witnessed a spurt of passenger flow.

“The intercity railway station sends 7 trains a day, with a full capacity of 4 260 people. However, the passenger volume reached 4 370 on Oct 7th, which means standing-room-only tickets were sold basically in every trip.” As a staff of Xianningnan railway station introduced that over the 7 days, this station has sent more than 20 000 passengers in total, over 2 900 tourists per day, with a year-on-year increase of more than 400 people.

Staffs of Xianningnan railway station said, “Passenger flows from Sept 30th to Oct 1st were mainly constituted of arriving passengers, while the passenger flows from Oct 6th to Oct 7th were chiefly composed of departing passengers.”

According to the statistics of Xianningbei railway station, it has sent over 38 000 tourists from Oct 1st to Oct 7th, with an increase of over 3 000 people year on year. The peak of passenger flow occurred on Oct 1st, with a passenger volume of more than 5 200 people.

Xianning railway station has sent more than 27 000 people, up over 700 people compared to last year. The amount of tourists they sent on Oct 1st has exceeded 5 000 people, too.

In addition to that, 11 480 vehicles have been dispatched to send 427.8 thousand tourists in total in terms of the road passenger transportation, running 25 627 times, with 303.3 thousand seats. As for the water transportation, 164 ferryboats (with 3 249 seats) have been arranged to send 81 850 tourists in gross, without any transportation safety accident. With regard to the public transportation in urban areas, 6 462 buses have sent 468 749 people. (By Pang Yun/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)

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