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“The most beautiful sanitation worker” theme article and photo collection held in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-10-10 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The 21st Hubei Sanitation Workers’ Day falls on Oct 26th this year, and the Xianning Municipal Environmental Sanitation Bureau will launch “the most beautiful sanitary worker” article and photograph collection activity together with the Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily from this day on.

This activity aims to exert utmost efforts to carry forward the sanitation workers’ spirit of enduring hardship and making sacrifices, to be more concrete, the spirit that sanitary workers dirty themselves in return for the public cleanliness. It also aims to lend fresh impetus to the work of sanitation workers, enhance the understanding and recognition of this industry, and further promote the esteem, caring and support of all walks of society towards the public sanitation career.

Articles should be themed as “a tribute to sanitary workers”, “I love sanitation career”, “giving supports to sanitation career”, with 800-1000 words, no limitation on the genre: prose, poem and narration are all ok. As for the photographs, the subject of which should be the moment when sanitation workers are at work.

Citizens who want to participate in this activity should send his/her articles or photographs to the e-mail: raokunliang@163.com (please leave your address, phone number and name). Each adopted article will be paid with 500 yuan, while a photo 150 yuan.

The work collection period last from today to 5:00 pm Oct 22th, and all the articles and photos will be published collectively in the “Marking the 21st Hubei Sanitation Workers’ Day” special issue of the Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily on Oct 26th. (By Rao Kunliang and Wang Qi/ Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)

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