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Xianning to newly build 1844 smart parking spots

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-10-31 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

News came that smart parking projects are to be built in 7 road sections in downtown Xianning from late October. In Jan, 2019, 1844 parking spaces will be open to citizens, which aim to relieve citizens’ trouble in parking cars in downtown areas.

On Oct 19th, the Xianning City Development Parking Lot Investment Operation and Management Co., Ltd. affiliated to the Xianning City Development Group Co., Ltd. has completed the bid inviting work of the smart road parking system project of Xianning (the first stage).

The main task of the smart road parking system project of Xianning is to build a city-level smart parking integrated management system, actualizing the unified inspection and analysis of information, such as the statistics of parking charges, vacant parking spaces and parking guidance, etc, in order to carry out the smart parking services across Xianning City. The first stage project will install the software and hardware in the call center, the SLCD (splice liquid crystal display) in the command center, and other pertinent equipments in the computer room of the headquarters, as well as other advanced equipments, like charging signage, patrolled inspection PDA, and geomagnetic sensors, implementing and laying the groundwork for parking spaces, operator’s route and service, software services of computing platform, etc.

In the meantime, this platform is extendable, which means it is able to absorb more parking space resources. What’s more, it will be extended to Xian’an old town, Jiayu, Chibi, Tongshan, Tongcheng, and Chongyang in the later phase, materializing the integrated management, information issuance and guidance of all the parking spaces of Xianning City.

At the end of October, Xianning Parking Lot Investment Company will invest and construct the smart parking project in 7 road sections in Xianning downtown, taking advantage of the “internet + smart parking” technology to make the unmanned duty of parking lots come true and improve the utilization rate of public parking spaces.

The 7 road sections are as follows: Xianning Avenue (Xiangcheng Avenue-Ganhe Avenue section) can provide 420 parking spaces; Yinquan Avenue (Yong’an Avenue-Wenquan Road section) 724 parking spaces; Chang’an Avenue (Yushui Road-Xianning Avenue section) 455 parking spaces; Ganhe Avenue (Xianning Avenue-New No.2 Bridge Road section) 36 parking spaces; Guihua North Road (Wenbi Avenue-Train Station section) 48 parking spaces; Jingui Road (Kaixuan Kangcheng road section) 75 parking spaces; Qianshan Road (Ganhe Avenue Electric Power Company-Foreign Trade Compound road section) 86 parking spaces.

The smart parking projects in these 7 road sections are scheduled to be open to the citizens in January, 2019, which can offer 1844 parking spaces in aggregate.

Aside from that, Xianning Parking Investment Company will also utilize the land purchased and reserved by the Xianning City Development Group Co., Ltd. to build a city public parking lot according to the unified urban planning. It’s also to set up 2 temporary parking lots before the startup of “Xianning Marathon”, which can provide 149 parking spaces, 53 in the old art school, and 96 in the old finance and trade school. (By Pang Yun and Mao Yaxuan/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)

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