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Xianning “Safe Rule of Law Grand Arena” touring performance kicks off in Chongyang

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-11-30 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

In the evening of Nov 27th, the Xianning City “Safe Rule of Law Grand Arena” touring performance kicked off in the Culture Square of Tongzhong Village, Tongzhong Township, Chongyang County.

People from neighboring villages gathered in the Culture Square of Tongzhong Village to appreciate many performances, including a dance performance “Rule of Law always on People’s Mind”, a clapper talk “it’s one’s duty to observe law and discipline”, a stage play “Awakening A Lost Mind”, and a short sketch “A Law Publicist”, etc, these programs with rich connotation and the subtle acting skills of actors have won rounds after rounds of applauses from the villagers, which let the law publicity work go deeply into people’s mind unconsciously.

“To propagandize the laws and regulations in forms of art and cultural programs can be much easier for the masses to accept. Further promoting the popularization of rule by law can help people to get familiar with laws, understand and observe the law, which is conducive to the economic and social construction of safe Tongzhong.” said Li Ping, the Party branch secretary of Tongzhong Village.

It is known that “Safe Rule of Law Grand Arena” touring performance activity was jointly held by the Politics and Law Committee of Xianning Municipal Party Committee, Comprehensive Management of Public Security Office, Rule of Law Office and Xianning Law Society, which aims to further propel the safe rule of law construction work in the whole city, and reinforce the grass-roots awareness and concept of safe rule of law. Next the touring performance will be held six times in Xian’an District, Jiayu County, Chibi City, Tongcheng County and Tongshan County. (By Ma Liya/Xianning Daily)


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