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Air quality changed from heavey polluted to moderate polluted in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2018-12-03 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Dec 2nd, news came from pertinent departments that the air quality of Xianning city has changed from heavily polluted at 22:00, Nov 30th to moderately polluted by now owing to the haze blown up from the northern part of China, level four of the 5-tier China air quality system.

At 20:00, Nov 30th, the Air Pollution Index of Xianning City has kept soaring constantly, and reached the heavy air pollution level by 22:00. At 8:00, Dec 1st, the Air Quality Index of Xianning was 205, and the chief pollutant was PM 2.5hazardous particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns in diameter. At 15:00, Dec 2nd, the Air Quality Index was 170, and the chief pollutant was PM 2.5 still, whereas the air quality has changed from heavily polluted to moderately polluted.

According to the comprehensive analysis of air quality numerical forecast and weather forecast, environmental air quality of Xianning City will change from moderate air pollution to light air pollution.

To protect the well-beings of citizens and ease the air pollution, Xianning City has issued the level blue alert for heavy air pollution at 11:00, Dec 1st. In the meantime, it also launched a series of measures of the blue emergency response in a bid to reduce the influence the heavy air pollution had on the environment and the public health.

The City Leading Group Office of Concerted Control and Prevention of Air Pollution stated that the air pollution will still continue for a while, thus member units of Xianning City are supposed to act upon every emergency measure and strengthen control over the emission of all air pollutants strictly based on the “Xianning City Heavy Air Pollution Emergency Plan”.

The environmental protection experts remind that children, the elderly, susceptible people, for instance, patients with heart, lung problems, or other chronic diseases are supposed to well protect themselves under the polluted air, stopping going outside. As for the general public, they are supposed to reduce their time in outdoor sports and activities, adopt some protective measures properly if needs be, and choose public transportation as much as possible when they have to go out. (By Chen Zhiru/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)


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