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The train working diagram is adjusted in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-01-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Ever since Jan 5th, the train working diagram has been adjusted, and Xianningbei railway station has increased 5 extra trains, while the Xianningnan station of inter-city railway has increased 3 pairs of extra trains.

According to the Xianningbei railway station, before the adjustment, there are 98 high-speed trains stopping by it every day, among which 87 are day-to-day trains, 5 weekend trains and 6 peak time trains.

After the adjustment, though the total number of stopped trains remains the same, however, the Xianningbei railway station has canceled the Xianning stops in G4545 Wuhan-Southern Huaihua, G1215Southern Guangzhou-Wuhan, G275 Qingdao-Southern Guangzhou, G1114 Shenyang-Southern Changsha, G432 Eastern Nanning-Wuhan. At the same time, it has been increased the new stops of several trains, including G649 Southern Hefei-Southern Guangzhou, G1773 Hongqiao, Shanghai-Southern Changsha, G1008 Northern Shenzhen-Wuhan, G4542 Northern Guiyang-Eastern Zhengzhou, G650 Southern Guangzhou-Southern Hefei. Except for that, there are 6 trains that have witnessed adjustment in the Xianning stops.

It is introduced that the density of trains departing from Xianningbei railway station from 10:00 am to 12:00 am has been increased, after the train diagram has been adjusted, while the departure time of the last train has been brought forward to 21:45 pm, 39 minutes earlier than the last train at 22:24 pm before the adjustment.

In the meantime, notable changes also took place in the train working diagram of Xianningnan railway station of Wuhan-Xianning intercity railway. Before the adjustment, 7 pairs of trains operated from Xianningnan railway station to Wuchang (Hankou) every day, and there will operate 10 pairs of trains daily after the adjustment. The departure time of the first train has been advanced to 6:56 am, and it will arrive in Wuchang railway station at 8:10 am, which bring great convenience to the office workers. The tourists can log in the 12306 website to consult the concrete working diagram. (By Pang Yun/Xianning Daily)

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