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21 people selected into the 2018 annual “Southern Hubei Role Model” candidate list

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-01-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Jan 7th, news came from pertinent department that the candidate list of the 2018 annual “Southern Hubei Role Model” has been revealed, and 21 people, including Deng Gang, Zhuan Lanlin, Zhao Shijin and Shu Fengshan have been listed.

According to relevant requirements of the Propaganda Department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Hubei Provincial Civilization Office, the Propaganda Department of Xianning Municipal Party Committee continued to launch the “Southern Hubei Role Model” selection activity in 2018. After the recommendation of departments of all localities, materials review, field visit and verification, and the deliberation of the jury, 21 candidates of the annual “Southern Hubei Role Model” have been decided.

The 21 candidates for “Southern Hubei Role Model” are as follows: Deng Gang (head of the Guanbu police station of Xian’an public security sub-bureau, Xianning Municiapl Public Security Bureau), Zhuan Lanlin (the vice secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, leader of the investigation team, and secretary of the first Party branch of the Xian’an public security sub-bureau, Xianning Municiapl Public Security Bureau), Zhao Shijin (president of the Jiayu County Finless Porpoise Protection Association), Shu Fengshan (villager of Xihai Village, Gaotieling Town, Jiayu County), Zhang Enxi (ex-secretary of the village Party branch of Huayuan Village, Luxi Town, Jiayu County), Liu Xiaomao (farmer of Sanfan Village, Xinjie Town), Li Tianxing (a good hand at growing vegetables from Laohe Village, Huanggaihu Town, Chibi City), Mei Jiaoying (director of the Woman’s Representative Assembly of Dongliugang Village, Lushui Lake Scenic Spot, Chibi City), Wu Zhen (the legal representative of the Dongmenkou agricultural industrial park of Chibi City), Han Jing (the president of the Zhaoliqiao courtroom of the Chibi People’s Court), Zhang Quanle (chairman of the trade union, director of the moral education office, and instructor of young pioneers), all the villagers of the first team of Tangjiazui Village in Canghu Development Zone, Chibi City, Liu Weiguo (proprietor of Shuanglong road liquefied gas station in Junshui Town, Tongcheng County), Wang Guoping (teacher of Huangpao Middle School in Tongcheng County), Ji Xudong (the level four senior prosecutor of Tongcheng County Procuratorate), Li Juan (dean of the Tongcheng County Psychiatric Hospital), Jin Dingwu (major oil tea camellia grower in Gebi Village, Tanghu Town, Tongcheng County), Gan Yingming (villager of the first team of Heling Village, Qingshan Town, Chongyang County), Shen Yaming (president of the Hubei Shanghe Tourism Group Co.,Ltd.), Xu Fazhen (villager of the first team of Liangtingnao Village, Henggouqiao Town), and Li Bo (the vice station chief of the mixing station of Xianning Anda Highway Maintenance Engineering  Co.,Ltd.). 

“Southern Hubei Role Model” selection which is jointly launched by the Propaganda Department of Xianning Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Civilization Office consists of five major lists, specifically speaking, the “Xianning Good Man List”, “Xianning Hero List”, “Xianning Filial Person List”, “Xianning Credible Man List”, and “Xianning Pioneer List”, with 2 people on each list, and a total of 10 people will finally be chosen. It will be carried out every month, and each time a monthly list will also be published. (By Wu Qingpeng/Xianning Daily)

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