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16 sports activities of the national fitness program waiting for you to join in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-01-10 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Jan 9th, news came from the Xianning Municipal Bureau of Sports that the 4th “Dating in Hot Springs of Osmanthus Fragrance” series of national fitness sports activities of celebrating the New Year in Xianning urban areas are about to kick off formally on Jan 18th. All the citizens can enter for this activity without any charge, and those who achieve excellent results will be awarded.

It is known that this activity is jointly sponsored by the Xianning Municipal Bureau of Sports and Xianning Sports Federation, and co-hosted by the Xianning City Sports Center, City swimming center, and city sports associations and clubs of different individual sports events, and Hubei Leiwang Sports Development Co.,Ltd., which aims to enrich the cultural and sports life of citizens during the festival, mobilize and lead the general public to take initiative in taking part in sports and fitness activities, pursue the principle of “admiring the fitness-for-all sports and co-creating a better life”, set off an upsurge of national fitness, and form a happy and harmonious holiday atmosphere.

The series of activities which have been classified into 2 major categories consist of the competition category and the performance category, the former has set 6 events, namely, the balloon volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, 3-person basketball and freestyle running, and the latter comprises such 10 events as the square dance, Taiji boxing, fitness qigong, sports dance, soft ball, Mulan boxing, fitness yangko, kickboxing, yoga and hand beating drum.

All citizens and sports amateurs can apply for participation through relevant sports associations. And the seats are limited; please apply as soon as possible. Not only is the application free, but also the participants with good performance will be awarded. (By Zhen Qiang/Xianning Daily)

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