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Xianning urban and rural areas jointly celebrate Lantern Festival

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The 7th Xiangcheng Big Stage activity of “Spring Nourishing Xianning, Sailing to 2019”, Xianning City Urban and Rural Cultural Alliance Co-Movement of Lantern Festival will be held on Feb 19th, 2019 (Jan 15th in Lunar Calendar) all over Xianning City simultaneously, so that the citizens can enjoy a rich and varied cultural feast at their doorsteps.

This activity is jointly hosted by the Propaganda Department of the Xianning Municipal Party Committee, the Xianning Municipal Bureau of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio and Television, and the Municipal Agricultural Bureau, aiming to further implement the mission and task of “holding the banner, cohering our people together, nurturing new talents, revitalizing culture and displaying our image”, inherit and carry forward the fine traditional Chinese cultures, add to the cultural life of Xianning citizens during the Spring Festival, and create a happy, warm, peaceful and harmonious holiday vibe.

This series of activities will be carried out in a “1+6” form, setting 1 main venue in Xianning downtown areas, and 6 branch venues in 6 counties, county-level cities and districts. To be more specific, the activities of the main venue will be held in the Xianning people’s square, which has been divided into 6 zones, including the folk song and dance performance zone, lantern riddle zone, intangible heritage demonstration zone, special snacks zone, specialties sales exhibition zone and tea tasting zone.

The activity comprises folk-custom programs and folk song and dance performances of the Lantern Festival, for instance, Tianhe golden straw-weaved dragon, lion dance, one dragon plays with tigers, and phoenix, Cailianchuan (it is a traditional land boat dance which origins from Hubei people’s daily life in the old days of rowing boats to gather lotuses), clamshell spirit dance and acrobatics, etc. First of all, the exhibition will begin with a prize-winning riddle guessing game; the online riddle guessing game has 500 riddles, which will be carried out from Feb 17th to Feb 18th. As for the on-site riddle guessing section on Feb 19th, it has prepared 1500 riddles. What’s more, it will display the city-level or above intangible heritages lists projects, and invite citizens to taste Xianning local characteristic delicacies, such as the Hecai noodles, pagoda meat, glutinous rice cake, Hesheng chicken soup of Xian’an District; Paizhou fish balls, stinky tofu, lotus root chips coated in seasoned flour, sesame candy of Jiayu County; Chibi meat loaf; Tongcheng steamed rice cake with stuffing; sweet rice wine, fried dough twists, and crispy fried chicken of Chongyang County; meat-stuffed balls made from sweet potato starch and sesame cakes of Tongshan County, etc. In the mean time, it will hold the sales and exhibition of famous high-quality local specialties of Xianning, like sweet-scented osmanthus cake and wine of Xian’an; pickled vegetables of Lukou, Jiayu County; Chibi flavored fish; the bean products of Maishi, Baizhangtan wine, Huangpao Mountain tea oil of Tongcheng County; bamboo shoots, Jinsha pickles, eurya honey, osmanthus flower honey of Chongyang County; Yangfang soy sauce fermented soybeans, Cikou oranges, Fuyou noodles greased with boiled vegetable oil, Huangsha tartary buckwheat wine, Jiugong Mountain tea oil, etc, and will also invite tea specialists to demonstrate the tea arts, promoting the sales of Zhaoliqiao brick tea and Yangfanglin Yaoshan black tea on the spot.

In the meantime, every county, county-level city and district is going to host Lantern Festival celebration activities which can manifest their own unique local characteristics to realize the collaboration of towns and countries, and the co-movement of upper and lower levels. And the activities which are going to be held in the 6 branch venues are as follows, Xian’an District: lantern riddle guessing game and folk-custom performances; Jiayu County: lantern riddles; Chibi City: the big Spring Festival exhibition performance themed as benefiting people with culture; Chongyang County: lantern riddle guessing game; Tongcheng Coutny: gong and drum competition; Tongshan County: “Lantern Festival of flying dragons and leaping lions” folk custom cultural performance.

Compared with last year, effective innovations have been taken in this year’s activities, whose contents and forms become much more abundant and original, covering a wider range of people, with higher participation rate of the masses. (By Zhen Qiang/Xianning Daily)

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