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Xianning launches a series of activities marking the “Mar 15th” World Consumer Rights Day

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-03-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Mar 7th, the Xianning Municipal Administration for Market Regulation and the Xianning Consumer Council unveiled the arrangements for the serial activities marking the “Mar 15th” World Consumer Rights Day.

They are going to hold an activity of destroying counterfeit and shoddy products in Tonghui Square, launch the 2019 “Credit Assures Consumers” themed propaganda and consulting activity marking the “Mar 15th” World Consumer Rights Day, launch the “Shopping in Xianning safely”  activity, build a Mar 15th publicity platform, and hold consumption hotspots discussion and the 12315 Opening Day activity. Plus, they will spread the knowledge of safeguarding legal rights to the campus, communities and rural areas through education and guidance relating to consumption, as well as using display boards, physical goods and propaganda materials to teach consumers about methods of distinguishing shoddy products from the good and hence leading the citizens to do shopping scientifically and rationally; what’s more, they will hold a press conference in the few coming days to expose a batch of typical cases.

In recent years, Xianning Consumer Council has seen much accomplished in terms of safeguarding the consumers’ rights and the credibility construction through taking the initiative in their work, and it also has launched deliberations and appraisals focusing on the hotspot and tough issues inextricably linked with people’s livelihood and what the consumers concern most about. In the meantime, it has vigorously explored and delved into the development model of Consumer Rights Protection Work Station on the basis of improving and regulating the construction of the existing work stations. It has set up 6 red consumer rights protection education bases in consumption concentrated areas and key, hotspot industries, as well as more than 400 consumer rights protection service stations and 623 consumer rights protection liaison stations, which is aimed to reach the objective of resolving consumption disputes without going out of the store, and addressing conflicts without going out of the village, in other words, resolving disputes in the grass-roots level and eliminating conflicts in the cradle.

In 2018, 12315 Platforms all over Xianning City had received 14690 cases, including consultations, complaints and commendations, 13239 out of the consultations have all been replied, with a completion rate of 100%; 1415 out of the 1449 complaints have been settled, with a completion rate of 97.65%, ranking the first among 17 cities and prefectures of Hubei Province. (By Chen Xin and Zhu Ping/Xianning Daily)

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