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Xianning starts the review and appraisal work of the 2019 “Talents of Southern Hubei” projects

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On Apr 8th, news came from the Talent Work Office of the Xianning Municipal Party Committee that the review and appraisal work of the 2019 Annual High-Level Talents and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects of Xianning City has formally begun. From now on, it begins to receive personal declarations.

The review and appraisal work focused on the new cutting-edge technological contents and the leading role that a project plays in its industry. The entrepreneurship project declared is supposed to have independent intellectual property right as well as market development potentials to some extent, which will be able to lead the strategic emerging industries and key industries to grow rapidly; the innovation projects should be of higher value in innovation, research and development, which will inject great impetus and bring remarkable economic effects to the development of Xianning enterprises and public institutions, with a promising prospect of industrialization.

The concrete conditions and procedures of application are as follows: the applicants can either log in the Xianning Organization Work website (http://www.xnzg.gov.cn/) or the Mengxiangcheng Xianning Innovation Supporting Center for Talent website (http://www.xnrccs.org/) to download the “Interim Provisions for Assessing and Selecting the High-level Talents and Innovation & Entrepreneurship Projects of Xianning City”, or go to the “Talent Introduction” window in Xianning Innovation Supporting Center for Talent (in the first floor of Xianning Youth Enterprise Center) for consultation, and apply to participate in the selection as required.

Talent innovation and entrepreneurship projects ultimately assessed as Rank A or B will obtain subsidy funds of three different levels, to be specific, “key recommended project, prior recommended project and general recommended project”. The Rank A talent entrepreneurship projects will get 5 million, 3 million and 1 million subsidies. As for the innovation projects, they will get 3 million, 2 million and 1 million subsidies; those have been assess as the fundamental strategic entrepreneurship projects will get a subsidy of 20 million yuan at most according to the policy of “One Project One Discussion”; Rank B talent entrepreneurship projects will get 3 million, 1.5 million and 0.5 million yuan subsidies, while the innovation projects will get subsidies of 1 million, 0.5 and 0.3 million yuan respectively.

For those assessed as Rank C and D talent entrepreneurship projects, Xianning government will provide them with subsidies of no more than 1 million and 0.5 million yuan based on the 10% of their fixed investments. (By Jiang Mingzhu/Xianning Daily)

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