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Xianning rated excellent in the annual review of 2018 Hubei pollution control

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-04-17 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Yesterday, Hubei Provincial Office of the Critical Battles against Pollution Headquarter published the result of the 2018 Hubei Provincial Pollution Control Examination, Xianning City has been rated excellent, which is at the top among 17 cities (prefectures) of Hubei Province. 

In 2018, Xianning City has spared no effort to win the “Blue Sky, Clear Water, Clean Land” Protection Campaign, advance the prevention and control of agricultural and rural environment contamination and constantly promote environmental protection inspection in a bid to maintain the ecological environmental safety in Yangtze River Economic Belt, an make reforms to improve the environmental governance mechanism, thus tremendous achievements have been made in the critical battle against pollution. 

Xianning City ranks the 19th in the 169 major cities of China in terms of urban air quality, which is the only prefecture-level city selected into “the 20 cities with relatively good air quality” in Hubei Province. What’s more, the comprehensive score that Xianning City got in the work assessment of the Ten Symbolic Battles of the 2018 Annual Hubei Provincial Great Protection of Yangtze River is at the top of the whole province. Plus,6 special battles, such as battles combating rural non-point source pollution and illicit wharfs along the main lines of Yangtze River, etc have been assessed to be excellent. 

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