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Xianning welcomes 1.91m tourists during May Day holiday

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Photo shows Tianye Happy Farm in Jiayu County. (By Xia Zhengfeng/Xianning Daily)

During the May Day holiday, it was fine weather in every place of Xianning City, the tourist attractions of which have witnessed a stream of tourists. According to statistics, Xianning saw a total of 1.9103 million tourist trips made during the four-day May Day holiday, and the tourism revenue reached 1.365 billion yuan, up 13.1% and 13.8% from last year respectively.

The tours to scenic areas launching a variety of activities accounted for the majority of the tourism market of the May Day holiday, and the research & study tour has become a new hot spot.

During the May Day holiday, 6 scenic areas of Xianning City continued to sell close to 10,000 discounted tickets in the “Spending Some Time to Travel in Hubei with Preferential Policies” window of the “Hubei Tourism” WeChat official account. A raft of scenic areas and scenic spots have taken a good advantage of the hot spots of the holiday tourism market to launch a series of cultural tourism promotion activities with different distinctive characteristics, which has attracted shoals of self-driving and independent tourists from neighboring provinces and cities, and the daily amount of tourists has attained more than 400,000.

Before the May Day holiday, the famous singing competition program of China, “Voice of China” has held its first audition in Jiayu County, which engendered a holiday vibe for the May Day holiday tourism market of Jiayu County. During the holiday, a variety of special programs launched by the Eurya Honey Town of Chongyang County, such as the Colorful Pinwheel Festival, boardwalks on Huashan Mountain, 9D glass skywalk, Karting Car Club and Zoo, etc, have received great popularity among the tourists; the Intercity Space Station of the Greenland (Xianning) Group Co.,Ltd. held the Jurassic·Dinosaur Adventures Carnival activity in front of the Xianningbei Station Square, which has appealed to a lot of citizens and tourists to participate in; the 10000-mu Tea Garden·Tetris Town has opened a direct bus for tourists to appreciate floral beauty. These wonderful cultural tourism activities have exploded the May Day holiday tourism market of Xianning City.

Both research & study tour and parent-child tour have newly gained popularity. Research &study bases, such as the Modern Education Base in Langkou, Chongyang County has launched a series of special subjects targeting at parents and their children, including historical and cultural teaching, demonstration and experience, etc, having witnessed an obviously increasing number of students and parents and received over 13,000 tourists during the holiday. Centering on the object of “Health Preservation, Elderly Care, Chinese Herbs Planting, Recreational Tourism and Parent-Child Experience”, the Golden Years Health Valley and the Yulong Isle Leisure Farm have built an otherworldly paradise full of pastoral, cultural, ecological and recreational atmosphere which integrates intelligent and health elderly care and parent-child experience as one. What’s more, Xianning City Museum, Xianning City Library, Art Museum and Yangloudong Ancient Street of Ming and Qing Dynasties have opened to the tourists for free, and they all launched local characteristic cultural picture and article exhibitions successively, all of which have indulged the citizens, students and kids in the strong local culture with no distance.

Tianye National Rural Park, 10000-mu Tea Garden·Tetris Town and other tourist attractions were also favored by the citizens as destinations of the research & study tour and parent-child tour during the May Day holiday, meanwhile key scenic spots also maintained their popularity. Scenic spots included in the monitoring scope of Hubei Provincial Office of Holiday Tourism, such as the Chibi Ancient Battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, Jiugong Mountain Scenic Spot and Yinshui Cave Scenic Spot have received 152,700, 13,300 and 29,600 tourists respectively during the four-day holiday, and the gross tourism revenue of which are 3.2638 million, 0.5944 million and 2.8079 million yuan.

During the May Day holiday, the “flower tours” keep booming across Xianning City. The major scenic spots of Xianning City have promoted many public tourism products integrating outing and flower appreciating tours and entertainment with distinctive characteristics to attract citizens from Wuhan City and neighboring provinces and cities to visit Xianning City.

During the holiday, the Xianning tourism market stayed stable on the whole, neither major tourism safety accident nor major tourist complaint has ever happened. (By Ruan Zehua/Xianning Daily)


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