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Xianning commended by the State Council in the National Geographic Names Census

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-05-10 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On May 7th, the State Council held a video and telephone sum-up conference on the 2nd National Geographic Names Census, in which Xianning Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs has been commended by the leading group of the 2nd National Geographic Names Census as one of the advanced working groups of National Geographic Names Census.

Ever since the 2nd National Geographic Names Census work kicked off in 2014, the census workers of Xianning geographic names census work have showed willingness to shoulder the burdens, overcome obstacles and keep on forging ahead to thoroughly and carefully collect the information about geographic names, dig deeply into the cultural connotations contained in the geographic names, set high standards on quality inspection, and make sure that the six major aspects of work, including the “overall plan, organization and leadership, funds guarantee, wide publicity, open tender for field work, and professional training” can all be put into action smoothly. In the meantime, they will also spread the “Experience of Tongcheng” to the whole Hubei Province.

During the 2nd National Geographic Names Census, Xianning City has held 108 geographic names census training classes, with 2168 census workers of village, township, county and city levels having been trained, pouring a total of 23.63 million yuan into the work, eventually 38114 geographic names of Xianning City have gone through the verification of the State Office of Census and have successfully entered the national database in Sept, 2018.

As a relevant responsible person of the Xianning leading group of the 2nd National Geographic Name Census said that they will work with dedication to implement the guiding spirits of this meeting and timely filed all the documents of this census, and make positive efforts to apply census results to production, so as to provide a fundamental and strategic data support to the economic and social development of Xianning City. 

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