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Xianning launches Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Week publicity campaign

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-05-13 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On May 10th, Xianning City held the disaster prevention and mitigation collective publicity and education activity in Xianning No.18 Primary School under the theme of “improving disaster prevention capacity, building a life safety protection system”.

On hearing the sound of an alarm, teachers and students of Xianning No.18 Primary School all hid under the desks to avoid the earthquake. After the earthquake alert is lifted, students were all evacuated from classrooms under the unified instruction of teachers and firemen, following the planned route and quickly going to the playground in good order. Then, they carried out a disaster prevention and mitigation knowledge prize-winning quiz and a fire-fighting emergency drill.

The 11th National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Day falls on May 12th, and this year’s theme is “improving disaster-prevention capacity, building a life safety protection system”. The Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Weeks runs from May 6th to 12th.

This disaster prevention and mitigation publicity campaign has publicized the knowledge of preventing and mitigating disasters from various aspects, which has also taken further steps to arouse the high attentions of people from all walks of life, let more and more people get acquainted with the relevant knowledge and master the self and mutual medical aid skills that can cope with emergencies, and enhance the safety awareness of the masses.

Adopting the method integrating collective publicity and routine education, Xianning City will conduct disaster prevention and mitigation activities in governmental organs, communities, schools, enterprises, rural areas, families, and public areas, which aims to spread the disaster prevention knowledge to every household, build a life safety protection system and constantly improve the disaster prevention and mitigation abilities of people across-the-board.

This activity is launched by Xianning Municipal Commission for Disaster Reduction and Xianning Municipal Bureau of Emergency Management, co-hosted by Xian’an District Commission for Disaster Reduction and Xian’an District Bureau of Emergency Management, and organized by the Sunshine Community of Yong’an Sub-district and Xianning No.18 Primary School. (By Chen Zhiru and Zhang Dajun/Xianning Daily)


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