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Xianning imposes traffic control during the Dragon Boat Race

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-06-04 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Jun 3rd, news came from the Xianning Sports Development Center that traffic control will be imposed on Xianning City during the Xianning Dragon Boat Race, no aerial vehicles, such as drones, will be allowed to fly in the areas that the race takes place. The 2019 “Yellow Crane Tower Wine·Classical Aroma Cup” Xianning Dragon Boat Open Competition will be held in the waters extending from Tongxin Bridge, Ganhe River in Wenquan District to Shuangheqiao section on Jun 6th.

During the open competition, pertinent departments will impose traffic control on these areas: Shuangheqiao junction, Xianning AvenueXianning Municipal Finance Bureau junction, Shuangheqiao junction of Chang’an AvenueShiliutsan road intersection, the intersection of Shuanghe Road and Chang’an AvenueXianning Governmental Service Center junction, which will last from 7301230. The traffic police department will flexibly adjust the time of the traffic control on these roads according to the varying situations, citizens are suggested to devise their travel plans in advance.

In the meantime, aerial vehicles that are small-sized and fly low and slow, such as the unmanned aerial vehicles, small aerobat and other floating objects, are not allowed to fly in the competition zone. On Jun 6th, no citizen, legal person or any organization is allowed to use small aerial vehicles in Xianning People’s Square and areas within 1 kilometer of it(including the whole Shuanghe Road section, Xianning People’s Square and the entire Qinxiangyuan, Xianning AvenueDanguiqiao Road section) from 7:00-13:00, including: drone, small airplane(helicopter), glider(paraglider), delta wing, manned balloon, air ship, powered parachute, air balloon and  remote control model air plane, unless it is used to fulfill the special needs of the dragon boat race. (By Wangtian/Xianning Daily)

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