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Xianning holds the “Beautiful Xianning•Be a Man of Action” activity to mark the World Environment Day

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-06-06 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

In the afternoon of Jun 5th, Xianning City held the “Beautiful Xianning·Be a Man of Action” activity in Qianshan Square to mark the 48th “6·5” World Environment Day. Wang Huaisheng, vice director of the Standing Committee of the Xianning Municipal People’s Congress, Tan Haihua, vice mayor, attended this activity.

Tan Haihua made a speech on the opening ceremony, in which he required that departments of different levels and all the Xianning citizens should take initiatives to foster a good atmosphere that everyone offers to shoulder the responsibility of building ecological civilization and everyone advocates protecting the ecological environment as well as integrating protecting the environment with building the National Civilized City as one. Apart from that, all the Xianning citizens should act upon the pledge of “Beautiful Xianning·Be a Man of Action”, and start to take actions without neglecting the small things. Let every Xianning citizen be the one to publicize, act upon and boost Xianning environmental protect, and be the one to contribute to building the beautiful Xianning in a bid to make the sky blue and let happiness remain within touch.

The theme of the World Environment Day this year is: Blue Sky Protection Campaign, Be a Man of Action. 10 little reporters of ecological environmental protection have received certificates, and 10 rural ecological environmental protection publicists have received letters of appointment during the activity. What’s more, there put on special performances on the spot, such as the World Environment Day thematic chorus, “Make China More Beautiful”, a poem recitation performance, “Beautiful Xianning·Be a Man of Action” and an original dance performance, “lucid water and lush mountains”. (By Wangtian/Xianning Daily)

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