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Xianning’s composite employment index remains top 3 for 3 years in Hubei Province

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-06-12 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On Jun 11th, Hu Shuihua, chairman of the Social Construction Committee of the Hubei Provincial People’s Congress, led a law enforcement and inspection team to Xianning City in a bid to check on whether the Employment Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China is being enforced smoothly or not.

The inspection team went on a field trip to Hubei Reignwood Food Industrial Park, Hubei Tri-Ring Motor Steering Gear Co.,Ltd. and the University Students’ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base of Xianning Technical Vocational College to get acquainted with the operation, development, employment of enterprises and the innovation and entrepreneurship development of university students.

The number of newly increased employed people has approached 40,000 in the recent 5 years annually in Xianning City, and the composite employment index has ranked top 3 in the whole province for 3 consecutive years.

The inspection team said that Xianning has vigorously promoted the strategy of always giving priority to employment and made positive efforts to act upon the active employment policy,reinforce employment through invigorating technical skills training, focusing on key groups, and improving public services, in doing so, the employment and entrepreneurship environment of Xianning City has been ameliorated, and the employment pressure has been reduced, thus, Xianning has seen a stable employment on the whole.

The inspection team requires that Xianning should intensify efforts to propagandize the Employment Promotion Law of the People's Republic of China, make positive efforts to launch activities such as spreading laws to enterprises, institutes, governmental authorities, townships and towns, communities and schools, etc, and focus on promoting the “two certificates” system, namely, the diploma and the professional certificate, to improve university students’ employability; Xianning should also stick to the goal of achieving higher-quality and fuller employment, so as to build a supply-demand platform between the employers and employees, provide convenient, high-efficient and high-quality employment services to both parties, and go all out to address the employers’ difficulties in hiring people and the job hunters’ difficulties in finding jobs.

Wang Hanqiao, Director of the Standing Committee of Xianning Municipal People’s Congress, Wan Chunqiao, Vice Director and Tan Haihua, Vice Mayor accompanied to inspect. (By Wang Tian/Xianning Daily)


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