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Britain WAKE Drinks Co.,Ltd. settles in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-07-04 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On July 3rd, Wake Drinks Co.,Ltd. of England finished its first production in the ORG Package Co.,Ltd. in Xianning Hi-Tech Zone, which marks the growth of the “A Bottle of Water” project of Xianning City. WAKE Drinks is a British drink brand with hundreds of years’ history, which is a renowned sports nutritious multifunctional beverage brand of England.

In the end of last year, this brand set up a Sino-British joint venture and settled its project in Xianning City, whose products are processed by ORG Package Co.,Ltd. this year .

The targeted group of WAKE Drinks Co.,Ltd. is people from 25-40 years old. The external packing of this drink adopts the Union Jack design, integrating typical British elements with famous sports events of England, such as the race car, bicycle, golf and sailing boat, etc, for this company will mainly targets at the high-end market of China.

Alex, chairman of the company board said, “Xiannng is a very beautiful city, having great advantages in its geographical location, transportation and business environment, all which is very good for our investment.” China is an emerging sports powerhouse, which has a promising prospect for the drinks market. They believe that the WAKE Drinks, starting from Xianning, will be able to yield fruitful outcomes in China.

Xiong Dengzan, Vice-Secretary of the leading Party group of the Xianning Municipal Committee of CPPCC, and Xia Fuqing, Director of the Administrative Committee of Xianning Hi-Tech Zone attended the commissioning ceremony. (By Wu Wenjin/ Xianning Daily) 

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