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Tongcheng selected as the Demonstration County of the 2019 National E-Commerce Entering Rural Areas

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-07-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On July 1st, Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce published the “Announcement on the List of the Demonstration Counties of the 2019 National E-Commerce Entering Rural Areas” on its official website, in which Tongcheng County is listed. It will obtain a special construction fund of 20 million yuan from the central government.

In recent years, Tongcheng County has come up with policy documents successively to invest 10 million yuan in the e-commerce industry each year to support and guide the development of the e-commerce industry, so as to ensure that further advances can be made in the e-commerce industry across Tongcheng County. So far by now, 28 enterprises have settled in the E-commerce Entrepreneurship Base, in the meantime, more than 4000 skilled e-commerce technicians have been trained, and an e-commerce industrial chain operated by over 1000 e-commerce enterprises and stores has come into being fundamentally, with an online sales value of 1 billion yuan in 2018.

Based on such e-commerce platforms as Alibaba and GXYJ.COM, etc, this county has built 263 villager-level e-commerce service stations to ameliorate the rural e-commerce public service system and clear the two-way channel that enables the industrial products to be sold to rural areas and brings farm products to big cities. In the meantime, the county has taken good advantage of the “xt.taobao.com” and other platforms of Alibaba to help 33 local agricultural products, for instance, purple perilla jam and Maishi smoked bean curd to attain such certifications as the “Pollution-Free Agricultural Product”, “Green Food”, and “Organic Farm Product” and to get the “Agro-Product Geographical Indication”, building Bencao Tianxiang and other 2 China famous trademarks, and helping Tongcheng pig with black marks and Huangpaoshan rapeseed oil to attain the Agro-Product Geographical Indication. Tongcheng County has spared no efforts to explore local specialties and build local special brands of its own. (By Li Jia/ Xianning Daily)


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