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Jiugong Mountain scenic area sees a comprehensive upgrading

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-07-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On July 7th, as the reporter saw in the Jiugong Mountain scenic area, there were shoals of tourists playing along the Yunzhong Lake (a lake in the clouds), where a brand new modernized hotel stands in the west side of it, and blended perfectly into the night scenery of Yunzhong Lake.

As Wang Zhong, Chairman of Xianning Tourism Investment Group Co.,Ltd. affiliated to the Hubei Culture & Tourism Investment Group Co.,Ltd. (HBCT), introduced that this hotel has a gross investment of 100 million yuan, which is the China’s first astronomy theme hotel and the biggest hotel in the high mountain in Wuhan Metropolitan Area, and began its trial operation on July 1st.

“This hotel is built according to the five star standards, which symbolized that Jiugong Mountain scenic area has made new advances in its upgrading and transformation project.” Wang said.

It is known that a long standing problem with Jiugong Mountain is its lack of reception ability to some extents owing to its incomplete infrastructures.

In the recent 5 years, HBCT has invested more than 600 million yuan in Jiugong Mountain scenic area, building the Starlight Park, and Yunzhong Lake Boardwalk for Tourists as well as completing the purchasing, upgrading and transformation of the ski field. In the meantime, the Tongshan County Party Committee and Tongshan government give priority to the development of Jiugong Mountain in the tourism development pattern of “Supporting Tourism Industry by Three Poles” and “Each Reinforcing the Other”. It has exerted every effort to promote the “panoramic tour, four-season tour and ecological tour”, build the Yunzhong Lake, Shilong Ditch, Tonggu Mountain, Jinji Valley, the Tomb of Li Zicheng and Zhonggang Harbor into the six main high-quality scenic areas of Jiugong Mountain, polish up the three major name cards of Jiugong Mountain (the “Famous Clean Government Culture Education Base of China”, “Landmark of Science Popularization and Stargazing in Central China” and the “biggest alpine ski field in regions south of the Yangtze River”), and make further advances on the 5A tourist attraction construction.

This county has invested more than 300 million yuan to impel the overall overhauling work of the “One Mountain Two Highways” project (Jiugong Mountain Scenic Area, and areas along the Xian’an-Tongshan Highway and the No.106 National Highway). Taking such aspects as the comprehensive improvement of living environment, mountain forestation and water protection into consideration, this county has renovated across-the-board the building facades of the villages along the highway according to the ancient Chu style. At present, the coal mountain has turned from black to green, which has been afforested again. Plus, these areas along Jiugong Mountain scenic area have achieved a big picture of the all-for-one tourism, that is, “one highway presents one landscape, one village makes a painting, and one town shows one special characteristic”. (By Deng Changlu/Xianning Daily)


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