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Xianning newly builds 5 small and micro parking lots

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-08-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

In the afternoon of Aug 7th, the reporter saw that the tiles of the pavement near Kaiyue Xuefu in Shutai Street have been pried up, making a preparation for the construction of small and micro parking lots. This road section is short on parking spaces for it is a highly populated area.

The pavement is wide enough for a great number of cars to park here. However, some cars are parked disorderly, hence many tiles were broken, which caused troubles to passer-bys.

As a relevant responsible person of Xianning Municipal Committee of Urban Management and Law Enforcement introduced, Xianning has already kicked off the construction of 5 small and micro parking lots this year, in a bid to solve the difficulty of finding parking spaces in Xianning downtown areas and prevent the cars and people from cutting each other off in the pavement.

The small and micro parking lot of Kaiyue Xuefu in Shutai Street covers an area of over 1900 square meters, which has planned 37 parking spaces for motor vehicles and will reserve parking spaces for non-motor vehicles based on the actual conditions. What is paved in this parking lot is concrete ground, with a 15-centimeter-thick sand-stone cushion and a 15-centimeter-thick concrete ground, which is projected to reach a service life of over 10 years.

The responsible person also said, planning to build a parking lot in the open space of the pavement should follow the principle of not interrupting the traveling of citizens, and the pavement must meet the qualifications, so as to ease the difficulty in finding parking spaces through utilizing limited resources.

Ever since Xianning city kicked off the construction of small and micro parking lots in 2017, it has already built 5 small and micro parking lots in Kaixiang Healthy Community in Jingui Road, beside the Taxation Bureau in Xianning Avenue, in the intersection of Youdian Road in Yinquan Avenue, at the gate of Xianning High School in Yong’an Avenue and beside the Wushang Supermarket in Chang’an Avenue.

The 5 small and micro parking lots which are under construction now base in the Xianning Quandong Sub-branch of the Agricultural Bank of China in Chalukou, Lvzhouwan in Yinquan Avenue, Tanhui junction in Yinquan Avenue, Chezhan road junction of Xianning Train Station and Kaiyue Xuefu in Shutai Street, etc, with a gross construction area of more than 7400 square meters and over 200 parking spaces for motor vehicles according to the plan. (By Zhou Yang/ Xianning Daily)

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