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Xianning held Mufu Mountain green industrial belt investment promotion meeting in Shanghai

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-09-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Xianning Mufu Mountain Green Industrial Belt Investment Promotion Meeting & 2019 Xianning Hubei Businessmen Mid-Autumn Social Gathering was held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Centre on Friday afternoon. Xianning municipal Party committee and municipal government sent a congratulatory letter, and Zeng Guoping, Chairman of CPPCC Xianning Municipal Committee made a speech in the meeting.

The congratulatory letter said that in recent years, Mufu Mountain green industrial belt sees a good situation: infrastructure is increasingly perfect, green industry accelerates development, ecological environment dramatically improves, targeted poverty alleviation has highlighted results, rural revitalization promotes solidly, and social undertaking makes constant progress. Currently, Xianning lies in a crucial period to fully promote high-quality development, win decisive battle of building moderately prosperous society, and speed up socialist modernization powerful city construction. Xianning has beautiful development prospect and rare investment opportunity. It warmly welcomes the chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs and people of vision to visit Xianning, particularly Mufu Mountain green industrial belt, to invest and develop there, achieving mutual beneficial cooperation and win-win development.

Zeng said in his speech that Xianning will provide the best start-up stage for businessmen with the most favorable policy, superior environment and top-quality service to create better business opportunity.

Xianning has promoted 95 projects, with a total investment of 134.11 billion yuan, of which 15 projects signed the contract, the amount of contracts totaled 7.23 billion yuan.

Bai Fuping, Director of Hubei provincial people’s government office in Shanghai (Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces), and Li Zuoqing, Party Secretary and President of Shanghai Lujiazui Financial Development Co.,Ltd. made a speech. Xiong Xiangtao, Deputy Mayor of Xianning, presided over the meeting, and You Jin, Vice Chairman of CPPCC Xianning Municipal Committee, and You Qiangjin, Secretary-general of CPPCC Xianning Municipal Committee, attended the activity. (By Zhu Zhe/Xianning Daily)

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