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Chibi titled “Hubei ecological civilization construction model city”

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-09-10 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently Hubei Provincial Environmental Protection Committeecirculated a notice to award “Hubei ecological civilization construction model city (county/district) to 11 counties (districts), and Chibi topped the popular list.

In recent years, Chibi firmly established and consciously practiced lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets concept, and vigorously implemented the strategy of building city by ecology, so ecological civilization construction promotes development, benefits peoples livelihood, and makes great achievements. It successively won the honorary titles, such as China Top Tourist City, National Garden City, Hubei Civilized City, Health City and Forest City.

In ecological civilization construction, Chibi controls pollution with iron hand to deeply carry out green development double ten projects and Yangtze River big protection nine projects”. Focusing on three bans three controls special campaign, it implements blue sky project to continuously improve ambient air quality, its percentage of days with good air reaching over 80%; taking “non-coal mine, illegal wharf, illegal sediment mining, domestic sewage, industrial effluents and rural sewage managementas priority, it carries out blue water project to make qualification rate of drinking water reach 100%; putting emphasis on risk management and control, it implements pure land project to control soil environment risk effectively, with safe disposal rateof hazardous wastes reaching 100%.

The sky is bluer, the land is greener, the water is clearer, and the city is more beautiful in Chibi. In 2019 Hubei ecological civilization construction “substitute subsidies with rewards” fund competitiveness allocation assessment, Chibi scores 91.16, ranking the second in the whole province.

Next Chibi will further enhance ecological civilization construction and environmental protection work, continuously improving ecological civilization construction level and striving to successfully build national ecological civilization construction model city as early as possible. (By Chen Zhiru/Xianning Daily)

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