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Xianning starts “My Motherland and Me” series public lecture activity

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-09-11 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The launching ceremony of “My Motherland and Me” first public lecture and series public lecture activity on Tuesday afternoon was held in Xianning Vocational Technical College. Yan Yingzi, member of the Standing Committee and director of Propaganda Department of Xianning Municipal Party Committee, declared the activity open and heard the lecture in the site.

The first lecture is carried out in the form of theoretical knowledge and common story. 9 lecturers told about crime crackdown special campaign and ecological civilization idea, martyr He Gongwei’s feat in the war times, endeavor story of accountant school team of Xianning Vocational Technical College, finding relatives for 142 martyrs by old man Yu Fahai, and teacher Wang Zhijun’s touching story on taking root and teaching in reservoir area for 23 years. The lecture carried forward excellent tradition of Xianning and motivated people to stay true to the original aspiration and keep in mind the mission, which has struck a responsive chord in the hearts of the audience.

“I’m deeply moved by their spirit of courageous and selfless dedication!” said Yuan Tian, a freshman of humanities and fine arts major of Xianning Vocational Technical College, adding that he will encourage himself with their spirit in the future study and life.

The series lecture activity is hosted by Propaganda Department of Xianning Municipal Party Committee and the civilization office, aiming at celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. It will tell about advanced deeds of revolutionary martyrs and heroes of Xianning, people’s story of chasing dreams and striving for fulfilling dreams, and great changes in Xianning since the founding of new China. (By Ruan Zehua/Xianning Daily)

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