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Xianning city mascot “Xianbao” and “Xiaoning” sculptures appeared in urban area

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-09-26 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

With National Day approaching, many citizens on Wednesday found that Xianning city mascot “Xianbao” and “Xiaoning” sculptures were decorated in the streets in urban area. Lovely “Xianbao” and “Xiaoning” give a person with full of intimacy, expressing enthusiasm of Xianning to welcome tourists.

City mascot is a new medium of image promotion. The small Indian civet and small jade rabbit are the prototype of “Xianbao” and “Xiaoning”. Small Indian civet is a second-class national protected wildlife inhabiting in Jiugong Mountain, Xianning, and the small jade rabbit is a token of the hometown of Chang’e.

Three of ten groups of “Xianbao” and “Xiaoning” sculptures put in People’s Square, and others in Xianning North Railway Station, Shiliutan Park, entrance of Xianningbei expressway toll station, central parterre, Squirrel Club, and Honeymoon Bay Rose Garden respectively. Except public sculptures, the display boards in the shape of lovely “Xianbao” and “Xiaoning” were installed in the handrails and piers of Hope Bridge, so as to popularize road traffic safety regulations, publicize social positive energy, and guide children to establish the correct values.

The relevant responsible person of Propaganda Department of Xianning Municipal Party Committee said that these public sculptures properly use the image of “Xianbao” and “Xiaoning” in the city, integrating such natural and cultural elements of Xianning as osmanthus fragrans, hot spring in the design, which injects vitality to city propaganda by their lovely image, boosting city image communication. (By Du Peiqing/Xianning Daily)

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