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Xianning received 3.55 million tourists during National Day holiday

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-10-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The bright national flags are waving in the breeze, contrasting finely with the blue sky and white cloud and complementing each other with green hills and blue waters……during National Day everywhere runs over with happy festival atmosphere in Xianning, where every scenic spot is crowded with people, with a booming tourism market.

According to the statistic data by Xianning Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Xianning received 3.5558 million tourists in seven-day holiday, with tourism revenue of 1.992 billion yuan, up 17.3% and 18.2% year on year respectively.

Scenic spots included in the monitoring scope of Hubei Provincial Office of Holiday Tourism, such as the Chibi Ancient Battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, Jiugong Mountain Scenic Spot and Yinshui Cave Scenic Spot have received 267,200, 37,800 and 103,200 tourists during the seven-day holiday, with tourism revenue of 18.7162 million yuan, 1.0397 million yuan and 4.6659 million yuan respectively.

During National Day holiday self-driving tour, family tour, parent-child tour, medium- and short-distance tour, country tour and flower tour are the mainstream of tourists in Xianning. Such activities as seeing idyllic scenery, tasting farm food, enjoying autumn flowers, parent-child picking become main choice for tourists to relax in reunion. Self-driving tour and DIY tour tourists account for over 60% of the total.

Major scenic areas are still hot in the holiday. These major scenic areas are very popular, such as the Chibi Ancient Battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, Yinshui Cave, Eurya Honey Town, Zishan Lake Honeymoon Bay, and Squirrel Tribe, relying on their driving effect, neighboring agritainment economy is booming.

Rural tourism continues to grow. Rural leisure tour featured by agricultural sightseeing, ecological garden, leisure picking, enjoying farm food in such beautiful villages along Mufu Mountain green industrial belt as Shimen, Banqiao, Baoshi, Daling, Lengduan attracted large numbers of urban families to enjoy idyllic scenery, pick melon and fruit and taste farm delicious food.

Many scenic spots held colorful festival activities to greatly enrich form and content of tourism in seven-day holiday. According to statistics, the whole city held 35 commercial performances, with attendance of 207,800 and box office returns of 12.7724 million yuan. (By Wang Limin/Xianning Daily)

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