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Xianning newly increased 2 “Hubei forest towns” and 9 “Hubei green villages”

source:xianning.gov.cn 2019-11-27 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently Hubei Provincial Afforestation Committee and Department of Forestry of Hubei Province unveiled the list of “Hubei forest towns” and “Hubei green villages” in 2019, including 2 towns (like Maishi Town, Tongcheng County) and 9 villages (such as Hongkou Village, Tingsiqiao Town, Xian’an District) in Xianning.

In recent years, Xianning takes the building of “Hubei forest towns” and “Hubei green villages” as an important measure to promote ecological civilization construction and achieve green development. It carries out such afforestation projects as township center greening, country road greening, tree planting around houses, forestry base construction through adding green at the openings and building township and village woodlots. A batch of characteristic forest towns and green demonstration villages featured “fruit trees in the front of houses, woods behind houses, and scenery in four seasons” spring up in Xianning, with human settlement environment being significantly improved in urban and rural areas.

This year a total of 18 towns have been named “Hubei forest town”, and 100 villages have titled “Hubei green village”. Maishi Town (Tongcheng County) and Xinjie Town (Jiayu County) are named “Hubei forest town”, while Hongkou Village (Tingsiqiao Town, Xian’an District), Xinzhou Village (Paizhouwan Town, Jiayu County), Wanghu Village (Tanghu Town, Tongcheng County), Gaojian Village (Gaojian Town, Chongyang County), Damushan Village (Damu Mountain Forest Farm, Tongshan County), Xiaojiazhou Village (Panjiawan Town, Jiayu County), Dongliu Village (Chibi Town, Chibi City), Huitouling Village (Baini Town, Chongyang County), and Gangkou Village (Tongyang Town, Tongshan County) title “Hubei green village”.

Before Xianning already had 11 “Hubei forest towns” and 216 “Hubei green villages”. (By Wang Qifeng/Xianning Daily)

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