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The presidium of the Fourth Session of the Fifth Xianning MPC held the second meeting

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-01-06 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The presidium of the Fourth Session of the Fifth Xianning Municipal People's Congress(MPC) held the second meeting on Jan 5th.

Meng Xiangwei,convener of the executive chairmen of the presidium, chaired the meeting. The executive chairmen of the presidium, Jiang Xinghua, Wang Hanqiao, Xu Xiaobing, Zhen Fangsong, Xiao Bin, Wan Chunqiao, Wang Huaisheng, Xiong Yaping, Shi Yuhua, and Li Xudong, attended the meeting. 

44 members of the presidium should be present at the meeting while the actual number was 42, with 2 members absent because of illness, which was in line with the quorum.

The meeting adopted a draft decision on accepting Wang Hanqiao's resignation as the chairman of the Standing Committee of XianningMPC and submitted it to the MPC members for deliberation

The meeting heard an explanation from Xu Xiaobing, member of the Standing Committee of Xianning Municipal Party Committee, minister of Xianning Organization Department, and executive chairman of the presidium on the draft list of candidates for the chairman, vice chairman, and members of the Standing Committee of Xianning MPC and for the chairman of Xianning Supervisory Committee; heard the explanation on the draft list of members of the relevant special committees of the Fifth Xianning MPC.Then the above-mentioned draft lists of candidates were adopted by a show of hands. The draft lists,  passed by the presidium at the meeting, will be submitted to the MPC members for deliberation.(By Tan Changqiang/Xianning Daily)

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