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Hubei Provincial evaluation team came to Xianning for urban management inspection

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-01-10 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Hubei Provincial evaluation team of urban management inspection came to Xianning on Wednesday to inspect and evaluate the urban management work in 2019.

The evaluation team successively checked these places, including the newly built public toilet in Qianshan Temple, the fourth brigade of the Comprehensive Law Enforcement Department of Xianning Municipal Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau, the construction waste resource utilization project of Hubei Shengtian Renewable Resources Co., Ltd., the kitchen waste resource utilization project of Xianning Vein Industry Park, Chang’an Avenue, Yangxia Vegetable Market, Yuyuan Community, etc., and they affirmed the new changes in appearance and the new level of urban management in Xianning.

Over the past 2019, Xianning has always adhered to the idea of "people first and city management for the people", actively implemented the concepts of "street guardians", "handling the trouble when meet" and "city comprehensive management", and regularly carry out urban management with the flexible use of the "721" work method, market-oriented service method and management promotion by construction mechanism. Xianning sought progress in stability, with the continuously improvement of urban fine management’s level and the remarkable achievements of all the work. The evaluation team suggest that it is necessary to further raise the standard of urban appearance with unified planning and design to build a beautiful city with a high standard; strengthen the management and control of slag cars, carry out closed-off and information-based management, and reasonably plan the route to reduce the dusty roads; create the image of the iron army of chengguan, strengthen people management and enhance the overall work ability to make Xianning cleaner, neater, more regulated and more beautiful.  (By Song Wenhu/Xianning Daily)

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