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Xianning municipal authorities to jointly regulate “fire fighting access”

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-01-15 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Xianning municipal bureau of housing and urban-rural development, the fire detachment, and the administration for market regulation on Monday established a special work team to jointly carry out opening up the “fire fighting access” and safety and environment improvement action in urban residence communities.

This action lasts from Jan.13 to May 31. Xianning administration for market regulation will check and regulate the elevator safety in urban residence communities. The fire detachment will enforce warning or fine according to law on those who occupy, block or close fire engine access; those who refuse to correct after ordered to make amends will be forced to remove or dismantle in accordance with relevant regulations; those who hinder the fire engine from carrying out its mission will be detained according to law; units and individuals who refuse to correct or cause serious impacts owing to illegal parking time after time will be included into fire safety serious dishonest conduct and will receive joint punishment.

Xianning municipal bureau of housing and urban-rural development will circulate a notice of criticism on the property service enterprises which don’t implement the fire engine access management responsibility and disclose serious dishonest conduct information to the public according to law to make sure the “fire fighting access” clear, letting citizens enjoy a safe and peaceful Spring Festival. (By He Chunyin and Zhu Danna/Xianning Daily)

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