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Xianning to hold “Spring Breeze Action” and Supported Employment Month job fairs

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-01-16 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

According to Xianning Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security on Wednesday, Xianning is about to hold two large-scale job fairs of "Spring Breeze Action" and Supported Employment Month in the People's Square. A total of 200-240 employers from Xianning High-tech Zone and other counties, county-level cities and districts will launch recruitment there, offering more than 10,000 posts. The job fairs will kick off on Jan 20th and Feb 1st (the eighth day of the first lunar month).

The service objects of these two job fairs are urban and rural laborers, people who have difficulties in finding jobs, returned migrant workers, college graduates, retired soldiers, the unemployed and registered poor people, etc., aiming to build an employment platform for them and solve the problem of labor shortage for enterprises. 

In order to meet the recruitment needs of enterprises as well as the job and entrepreneurship demands of laborers, Xianning actively promotes the talent-post matching and releases relevant plans to offer the services like "sending posts, skills, policies" for the rural workers, especially the registered poor workers, broadening employment channels and creating employment opportunities to help with the laborers employment transfer as soon as possible. 

Xianning Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security will lead to hold 47 “Spring Breeze Action” job fairs in the whole city from January to the end of March. A large number of job fairs are coming intensively, so people who want to find a job must cheer up. Please follow the WeChat account for more job fairs information. (By Chen Zhiru/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)

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