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Xianning won the title of "The advanced collective of the 4th National Economic Census"

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-01-19 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The office of the 4th National Economic Census Leading Group of Xianning was awarded the honorary title of "The advanced collective of the 4th National Economic Census" at the summary and commendation conference of the 4th National Economic Census, according to Xianning Municipal Bureau of Statistics on Friday.
   With the 4th National Economic Census in Xianning highly valued by Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and with the joint efforts of the relevant departments directly under Xianning Municipal Government, counties (county-level cities, districts), townships and 3078 census instructors and census takers of the whole city, we actively carry out the concept of "scientific census, census according to law, innovative census, and census for the people", and strictly implement the requirements of the census. By taking the measures such as, strengthening organizational leadership, perfecting the working mechanism, putting the responsibilities into effect at all levels, promoting key areas, enhancing in-depth publicity, scientifically dividing residential areas, boosting the training of census instructors and census takers, and census according to law, etc., we have successfully finished all aspects of work, like comprehensive pilot, units inventory, census registration, data summarization, etc., which have achieved good results in the progress and quality of the census, and have been recognized by the main leaders of the National Bureau of Statistics and Hubei Provincial Bureau of Statistics. (By Zhang Xuefeng/Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily)

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