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Jiayu sent migrant workers back to Shanghai and Guangdong

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-03-19 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

54 workers who have to return to work will be  sent to Shanghai and Shenzhen "point-to-point" from Jiayu County, with those workers getting on the bus in an orderly manner at about 17:00 p.m. on March 16.

After getting on the bus, the staff will make a registration one by one, verify the workers’ identity, check their body temperature, fill in their health files, and offer masks to them. 

There are thousands of Jiayu workers who work outside Hubei Province every year, most of them are not able to go back to work in time because of the epidemic. Thus, Jiayu County has formulated and introduced measures of stabilizing employment and guaranteeing income-increasing to help people return to work. The relevant departments of Jiayu county actively contacted with migrant workers and the enterprises at the beginning of March, issuing certificates of good health, preparing health protection equipment as well as food, and adopting a "point-to-point, one-stop" approach for closed transfer in an orderly manner all the way. 

Liu Duanping, vice minister of the United Front Work Department of Jiayu County Party Committee and secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group(Federation of Industry and Commerce), said that the health status of the workers will be tracked throughout the transportation, and Jiayu will well-organize the transfer, monitor the health status, guarantee the safety of transportation, hand over when arriving, and track the whole process of transportation, so as to ensure that migrant workers arrive smoothly and go back to work safely. 

In the next step, Jiayu County will continue to collect citizens' willingness of returning to work through various channels. In line with the principle of "Those migrant workers should return to work will be sent back as fully as possible," Jiayu will ensure migrant workers can arrive at their destinations "point-to-point" and "directly" by the means of special buses, etc. 

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